8 February 2018

Light Gauge Steel at glance




Baja ringan, or light gauge steel in English, is a not a proper term that comes out from no where, but has become common booming term in Indonesia.  No matter about it, the important thing is...everyone got the message.

The booming of baja ringan (light gauge steel) in Indonesia are not accompanied by good socialization, education, and introduction about this product.  Concern arise when many structures started to collapse due to wrong treated in installation and calculation.
What will be the impact of all this? will there be one manufacturer who gain benefit because their structure never fail? or the image of the whole light gauge steel (baja ringan) will be bad, the the people and the government will loose their believe in this product.  This will be something dangerous to the growth and development of light gauge steel in Indonesia.

This blog will explain briefly about light gauge steel (baja ringan), starting from the material in use, applied products, cause of failure, and lots more.

I hope the information given here will be useful in socializing, educating, and introducing light gauge steel in Indonesia and also to all readers in other places of the world.