PT. JAINDO METAL INDUSTRIES is the first company in Indonesia which introduced light gauge steel roof truss. It is also the first company which introduced "PrefabHouse".



It is established in December 1977 under the name of PT DJASA METAL WORKS. In March 1981, the name was then changed to PT. JAINDO METAL INDUSTRIES, located on JL. Soekarno Hatta No. 227, Bandung. This company runs on the industry of lightweight steel building materials, such as billboard, curtain rail components, aluminum corrugated roof sheet and others.

Along with the demand of the property industry development in Indonesia, the company then focuses on building the lightweight steel system products, such as partitions, ceilings, roof truss-system, frame floor system and prefab house frame by JSTEEL trademarks.

In 1997, PT. JAINDO METAL INDUSTRIES became the first company in Indonesia which introduced "PrefabHouse". Prefab House then was introduced to industrial property or added by JSTEEL products for mining houses.

JSTEEL continues to innovate and develop its new products. PT. JAINDO METAL INDUSTRIES has obtained the quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2008 in February 2009, its products continue to innovate along with the changing of demands and technology. Up to now, it has produced a variety of high quality lightweight steel products, with a complete range of products for the entire system of building construction.

PT. JAINDO METAL INDUSTRIES, is a manufacturer which fully involved in the preparation of a technical team of ISO procedures for Cold Rolled Steel Planning Structure.